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Healthcare Software

We are not medical professionals, but we are thankful. Presear Softwares has the resources to
understand the pain points that medical professionals go through, hence we have started
providing customized software solutions for the healthcare sector.

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Presear gives the smart solution for your business

Our Solutions

Backed by solid research, case studies and data from different medical authorities, we have started providing software solutions for clinical and healthcare purpose

  • Electronic Health Record System(EHRs)
  • ERP System for hospitals & clinics
  • Decision Support System
  • Analytics Dashboards & Record Monitoring
  • Realtime Patient Monitoring Systems(RPMs)
  • Clinical Consultancy System
  • Telemedicine, Telehealth
  • Invoicing, Billing and Portal
  • Patient Engagement & Education
  • Hospital Appointment Booking System
  • Virtual Patient Care System
  • Chatbots, Realtime integrations
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