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How Does It Work?

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Book your first call with us and understand what we do

Take on the exciting role of a consultant and unlock invaluable insights into our company's operations, strategy, and culture while making a meaningful impact with your expertise.

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Complete just a 2 hours course and get all the knowledge required to be a consultant

Embark on a transformative journey as a consultant with us, where you'll receive comprehensive training and guidance to master the skills and strategies needed to excel in the world of consulting.

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Join immediately and start earning from the very next day

Seize the opportunity to become a consultant with us and begin earning from day one, as we provide a seamless onboarding process and lucrative assignments for you to hit the ground running.

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Put your learning into practice & earn your dream salary

Turn your knowledge into action and achieve your desired salary by embracing a consultant position that empowers you to apply your expertise and reap the rewards you've always envisioned.

Why to join us ?

How much salary can I get ? 15%-20% amount directly of the deals you onboard on our service deck
What is the average earning per year ? Approximately around 12 lakh rupees per year can be earned by performing well
Can we also earn more money ? Yes you can, once you perform better, you can get upto 30% of a deal that you onboard on our service deck
What should be my age to apply for this position ? You should be of Legal age, 18+ as per Aadhar Card, while applying to this position
What qualification do I need to apply for this position ? Nothing to be honest, but communication skills in any language(English, hindi, bengali, tamil, telugu etc) are a plus
When do I get paid ? You get paid instantly as the client onboards our service deck. 15%-20% of the project amount will be transferred to your bank account immediately
Which place should I belong to for applying this position ? Any place around the world, where people have a requirement of quality softwares.

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