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Our Patents

An AI powered QR code based hybrid lab automation system to record and update the central database with single scan from any hybrid device

QR code based lab automation through hybrid software development, which is the one kind of software application which integrates all the repetitive work in a laboratory system on a single system that can be handled by the administrative head and accessed by the students and faculties with valid user id and password. Our software design is briefly based on the requirement model with a few optional features which can be integrated into the future development of the Automation system. We have prepared an API with the usage of Django Rest Framework(python) and deployed the entire database as well as the application in a server(known technically as Dynos) on Heroku cloud(provided by salesforce). Our core Hybrid application is deployed with the help of Netlift CDN, to provide an optimized reload time to the large static files(mainly JS). Our system is capable of providing provisions to the admin to reset, modify, edit, delete and create lab attendance based on sessions before locking it at the end. The hybrid application provides an interface for Artificial intelligence powered QR scanner which enables the students to scan the QR code and mark their presence in a centralized database right from a mobile device. This system is also capable of retaining and maintaining data due to its robust nature. Hybrid app development is the creation of a single app that can run on multiple operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS, Linux as well as on multiple interfaces at the same time. For traditional Lab works in any university, few things become redundant and necessary, like having the data of students accessing the system along with the time of access, taking attendance based on system access etc. We have developed an AI powered QR scanner based Automation System named , which integrates hybrid features as a Progressive Web App(PWA) and can fit into Android, IOS as well as smart watches. It can also run on windows, linux and macOS as a browser based installable app.

Medicomatic - A healthcare software suite for transforming the digital healthcare and clinical service landscape

The problem we are trying to solve is a daily life problem, that every one of us visiting hospitals faces. On a random day, if we visit any hospital, we may witness a long queue of patients standing there waiting for their term to collect their medical slips(parchi) to see a doctor. Not only this but when blood is required, the relatives of the patients suffer a lot. An appointment with a doctor(or for an operation), considering a lot of doctors come to the hospital late, is not so patient supportive. Most of the time, the relatives of the patient lag real-time updates and suffer from the same. The same happens at the dispensary, with a long queue, unavailability of medicine and equipment at a certain time and lack of transparency. The audience for this problem is the patient mainly with the doctors and pharmacists being the secondary audience. During rush hour at any hospital, when each second becomes important for a patient, we need a better management system that can increase the accountability of the people involved. We propose a hybrid software suite for healthcare, which can be installed on any device to solve this problem.

An AI-powered portfolio management system for automated algorithmic trading & process optimization

Algorithmic Trading has a special benefit over normal trading methodologies, that it can execute many numbers of orders at any instant depending on algorithms or we can say strategies predefined. Although SEBI has several algorithmic trading strategies defined, choosing the wrong strategy, considering the speed at which Algorithmic High-Frequency Trading (HFT) happens, can affect millions of stocks and can maximize the risk and loss. Further, the stock market or cryptocurrency market data is of huge volume and finding patterns from past data is not as dynamic as choosing an algorithm for the HFT. Simply, we can say, although there might be N number of strategies in the market, to know exactly which strategy will be executed for the current market environment (again considering complex features like market volatility, risk factors etc), we can’t manually decide everything.

Our Papers and Reports

Transitive Closure of a Graph using Graph Powering & Further Optimization by Euler's Fast Powering Algorithm

A graph is a collection of nodes and edges. Transitive closure matrix is a matrix formed by the reach-ability factor, which means if one node A of the graph is reachable from another node B, then there exists a positive reach-ability between A and B, negative reach-ability otherwise. This can be easily denoted by using binary denotation of 0 and 1. Graph powering is a technique in discrete mathematics and graph theory where our concern is to get the path between the nodes of a graph by using the powering principle. In simple words, if we take the rth power of any given graph G then that will give us another graph G(r) which has exactly the same vertices, but the number of edges will change. In the powered graph G(r) there will be a connection between any two nodes if there exists a path that has a length less than r between them. This small intuition can help us in finding the transitive closure of a graph in O(V^4) time complexity and O(V^2) space complexity. We can improve the time complexity of the above mentioned algorithm by using Euler's Fast Powering Algorithm to O(V^3 logV).

Presear Whitepaper on AI in video analytic and advanced CCTV systems

Everybody knows that the normal CCTV cameras provide one of the best security and surveillance systems, with some manual work to be done like appointing someone in front of your computer screen 24 x 7 to check the security and a manual alert system with less accuracy. But the question is, how can Artificial Intelligence(AI) enhance the quality of your entire surveillance system. AI-powered CCTV cameras deliver advanced analytical functions like theft detection, vehicle detection, face detection, person detection, people counting, traffic counting, license plate recognition (LPR), weapons detection and behavioural analytics. Advanced video analytics software is built into the camera and recorder, which then enables artificial intelligence functions. The prepared AI model can be integrated further into a hybrid system which can be installed on desktops, android applications, iOS applications and even in smartwatches.

Demystifying UI/UX: A client's guide on understanding User Interfaces and User Experience

It is a common belief that Web Design or User Interface Design is just about colours, shapes, size, creating buttons, menus, or forms, and how the website looks, but UI is more about how we present and design the tools so that the user’s need is fulfilled. This E-book aims at providing proper guidance to the client about the UI and UX.

Presear Whitepaper on How to streamline your sales process with PresearCMS

Managing customer relationships is essential to any successful business, but it can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Sales teams often struggle to keep track of leads, prospects, and customers across various channels and stages of the sales funnel. This can result in missed opportunities, inefficient processes, and ultimately, lost revenue. However, with the right customer management system, businesses can streamline their sales process, improve customer engagement, and increase sales. In this whitepaper, we will explore the benefits of PresearCMS as a customer management system and how it can help businesses overcome common sales challenges.

Presear Digital Commerce Technical Report

The report provides valuable insights into the key trends, strategies, and opportunities within the e-commerce realm, offering a roadmap for businesses to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape successfully.

Government Research Projects

An AI Powered Surveillance system for livestock behavior detection in real time and analytical insights generation software suite

The livestock industry is an essential component of global agriculture, contributing to food security and economic growth. However, the management of livestock animals can be a challenging and time-consuming task for farmers and ranchers, as they need to monitor their animal's behaviour and health constantly. Traditional methods of monitoring livestock involve visual inspections by farmers, which can be subjective and time-consuming. As a result, there is a growing interest in developing automated systems that can monitor and analyze livestock behaviour in real-time using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision. AI-powered surveillance systems for livestock behaviour detection are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several advantages over traditional methods. These systems can provide accurate and objective monitoring of livestock behaviour, enabling farmers and ranchers to detect early signs of illness, injury, or stress in their animals. Moreover, AI-powered surveillance systems can be used to prevent animal theft, improve livestock management practices, and increase the overall productivity and profitability of the livestock industry. As a result, there is a growing demand for the development of reliable and effective AI-powered surveillance systems for livestock behaviour detection in real-time.

Our Current Collaborations for R&D

Agrienics, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Presear Softwares has taken part as an industry collaborator in a Govt. research project under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeiTY), Govt. of India collaborating with the Central University, Chhattisgarh & Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), BHU. The project aims at delivering a core research model integrated with Artificial Intelligence to detect animal behaviour and its related analytics for efficient yield.


Technology Enabling Centre, GGV (Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, GOI)

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Presear Softwares PVT LTD (PSPL) has partnered with the esteemed Technology Enabling Centre (TEC) at Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.


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